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Workshops and Groups

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Catholic Family Services is pleased to offer a variety of groups and workshops that reflects our mandate to help families and to help stop family violence.

Our group programs support:

  • Women who are survivors of trauma and abuse (past and present)
  • Men who are survivors of trauma and abuse
  • Men who have assaulted their intimate partners
  • Mothers and their children surviving abuse together
  • Adolescents who have been exposed to woman abuse in their families

Groups are designed to provide:

  • Mutually supportive group setting
  • Information and education
  • Strategies for survivors to help reduce trauma-related symptoms
  • Assistance for men to help them develop non-abusive behaviours
  • Parenting strategies when children have been exposed to abuse

Language specific women's support groups are offered in Spanish, Polish, Punjabi and Portuguese.

Cultural Interpreters are available for groups offered by the PAR program.

Workshops & Groups Available

Group Schedule 

Weekly Wellness Flyer, please click for flyer

Financial Wellness
You are invited to arrange an individual meeting with a financial  consultant to discuss your individual financial challenges in order to learn how to enhance your Financial Wellness.
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Yoga and Meditation
Gentle Yoga with various guided meditations
Practice Loving Kindness and Self Compassion through guided meditation and chanting music.
Client Here for Flyers. Yoga, Meditation, Bioenergetics

To register or to get all scheduling information about our group programs and   
workshops, please call and speak to one of our caseworkers at: 905.450.1608 X 112